The Hostess Club Starting SOON!!

What is The Hostess Club?

The Hostess Club is a yearlong commitment to meet at my house once a month to stamp!

Why would I want to come to The Hostess Club?
Each month you’ll learn a new stamping technique, get to play with my supplies, and get a lot of stamping done!

What is my obligation to being in The Hostess Club?
Each member of The Hostess Club is obligated to purchase $20 worth of Stampin’ Up! Merchandise each month at Club time. This is a great opportunity to build up your stamping supplies. You are also committed to The Hostess Club for one year.

How does The Hostess Club benefit me?
Each member of The Hostess Club will get to be the hostess of the Club once a year. Yet, you have little preparation as the hostess. You don’t have to get your house ready because you’ll come to mine. You don’t have to send out post cards because the same people make a yearlong commitment to Club. You are guaranteed to receive all of the free stamps and free merchandise that a hostess receives because each Club member purchases $20 worth of merchandise each month. You will also learn more techniques than are regularly taught at workshops. And you will have 3 hours worth of uninterrupted stamp time that you usually might not have!!!!

Here are the Guidelines:

• The hostess for each month will be decided at the first meeting
• When you are the hostess, you need to provide a simple snack, drink and paper products for the evening.
• The hostess of the month has the option of being the hostess of a home workshop at her house the month that she is hostess of Club. This will give her greater benefits for the workshop. In this case, the order date might be delayed up to two weeks. This class needs to be scheduled ahead of time so the rest of the Club members know their product will be arriving late that month.

• The order will arrive at my home so all the members will be able to easily pick up their product. I will divide up the order and email everyone to let them know the order has arrived and is ready for pick-up.
• Each member has committed to spend at least $20 net (before tax & shipping) each month. This makes it fair for each hostess of the month
• If you are unable to attend the Club meeting, each member is asked to contact me and place your order the day of the meeting. I won’t be able to place the order to Stampin’ Up! Until I have everyone’s individual order.
• I am asking each member to write up some items on a “wish list.” The purpose of this is for me to have items to order for you in the event that you have not called or emailed your order to me. I will spend as close to $20 as possible. This helps me not to have to track anyone down and you will get the items you have chosen.

• The dates for the year will be decided at the first meeting. These dates are subject to change given unforeseen circumstances. We will give as much notice as possible and will reschedule the meeting that month.
• Please remember, this is a year long commitment. We all need to stay committed in order to make it fair for the members that are the hostesses in a later month.
• You’re welcome to bring a guest (or two) as long as they commit to the same $20 order that evening.
• Please bring your own adhesives and paper to Club each month
• Each Club member needs to purchase a current catalog, which is $5.00. The new catalogs are available each July. This way you have the current prices and items from which to order.

Please contact Samantha Wilson with any questions!